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April 23, 2014

Parting is Such Sweet Sorrow!

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Greenwood’s will reopen Thursday, August 28

 Ah yes!  Just as Juliet sadly bid farewell to Romeo, we bid farewell to another great ski season.  The “sweet” part of it is looking forward to next season, especially since we had such great spring skiing this year!  We have ordered all the goodies for next season and will patiently await their arrival in late summer.  We’ll be geared up and ready to show you all the latest and greatest in ski equipment and duds when we reopen on August 28.  But before we get carried away and plan for summer, we have some suggestions for caring for your gear and tucking it away.  These suggestions will also make your first trip up the hill next season more fun and trouble free.

1. Examine your equipment and clothing-Do you need repairs of any sort?  Now is the perfect time to take care of those little repairs when you can be without the gear for repair time.  Do you need to replace the heels and toes on your boots (if your boot model allows)?  Do you need new lenses for your goggles?  If so, give us a call and see if parts are available.  If we need to order parts for you, we can get them here before next season.  If your clothing suffered some rips or tears, contact a local seamstress and see if they can make the repairs.  If needed repairs are beyond what a local seamstress can provide, some clothing manufacturers have repair facilities and will make repairs for a reasonable fee.   Another source for clothing repair, including technical garments, is Rainy Pass Repair Inc.  You can find more information by calling 1-888-747-7867.   HINT: Clothing manufacturers require garments to be freshly laundered prior to returning for repair.

2.  End of season tune up-Drop your skis or snowboard off at Greenwood’s and ask for an “end of season tune”.  At Greenwood’s, we will clean your bases thoroughly to get rid of the spring gunk that comes up through the snow and tune your gear as needed. We leave a thick coat of storage wax to protect your bases during the summer months.  Wax will help keep your bases from drying out and will also protect the edges from any moisture that could cause rusting.  Greenwood’s will scrape the excess wax off for you before you head to the slopes next season.  HINT:  Store your skis or snowboard in a clean, dry area.

3.  Scrub-a-Dub-Dub-Before you store your winter clothing, launder and treat the outer fabric so you are ready to go when the snow flies again.  We recommend laundering with a mild soap like Nikwax Tech Wash and applying Nikwax TX Direct Wash-In or Spray-on which restores the durable water-repellent finish your garment had when it was new.  It’s kind of like waxing your car!  It helps keep water droplets beading up and rolling off the fabric so it doesn’t become saturated.  HINT:  There are products available for cleaning and treating a variety of fabrics. Ask for assistance in choosing the best product for your garments.

4.  Boot Storage-It will be a lot easier to buckle your boots next winter if you keep them buckled loosely as you store them for the summer. Buckling helps the boots retain their desired shape.  Also, be sure to check that your boot tongues are in the proper position before you buckle them up.  HINT:  Be sure your boots are fully dry before you put them away for the season.  You may be surprised by an unpleasant odor if they are closed up in a gear bag all summer.

5.  Stay in Shape (Or Get in Shape)-The first day on the slopes is always more pleasant if you are in shape physically and have the endurance to ski all day.  If you are currently working out at a gym facility, ask for recommended exercises that will help you maintain or strengthen your “ski legs”. HINT:  Don’t forget about your core strength.  Search the internet for “ski conditioning exercises” and you will find several exercise programs available.

6.  Have fun, be safe, and stay in touch!-Last but not least, have a great summer!  Check out our website or visit us on Facebook.  Even though the front doors may be closed at Greenwood’s during the summer, we’re here on a regular basis and always happy to help.  Give us a call at 342-6808.  See you in August!